STOP! (“Bewildermented”) (Sold) Acrylic on Board: 27″X 23″ edge to edge.

One of my fav. pieces from that period.The brush strokes and execution are nicely ragged but the construction is clean. If I remember- this was done (mostly) in one session – and if you look closely, you’ll notice that the heart in the hand has been stuck on (something I cut from something else that lay nearby- thereby representing one of the earliest examples of what would later become hacking entire works into pieces and rearranging them according to the same hard-wired sense of inner symmetry (drafting)- almost as if I’m inside the work, feeling the space between the “is” and the “isn’t’s”- journeying into the heart of what I’m creating. An incredible sense of Being, where I am no longer separated by the “Remove”- that says, to name, to know- one must step back. Outside of that forbidden…Moment! Boo!.

Automatism is painting without a net: Exhilarating this Here-Now! Inhabiting the Moment and my own art, simultaneously. It’s where I go to church daily.

When the viewer arrives without fear, unlocking your own special journey happens more easily. Once someone found the visual challenges to be just that (not an adventure) and RAN away. There was also a dead mouse in the work which I’d painted straight onto my kitchen floor that may have impacted the situation. I remember her running away screaming something about being “crazy”…. tho others have been absorbed to tears (yes, really. not often but it’s happened twice). And once, a small piece- Journey Board #1 stopped an Autistic child having a meltdown. This Automatism plays by a different Rule Book…(not the “doodling’ that some of the Surrealists called Automatism (The Shamans and monks who wielded brushes with the glide of a breeze- eons ago (while the Warring Godiots were playing with their bibles, their guns or their shrinky-little dicks…. Science and Neuroscience in particular has made clear that we edit continuously- it is not really possible to utterly silence Executive Function- BUT you can enlist it! It does have a role to play in this symphony of binary bliss! …choices fluttering like the wings of a butterfly vibrating, continuously, without beginnings and ends but a tapestry of shimmering decision-making born out of Need, sprinkled with Want, punctuated by moments of utter pain or sadness all of which plays our chords informing who we are as we are grow towards ourselves.. most of it lurking beneath our consciousness, deep down, bubbling up from under, roiling the collective surface we share.The options are infinite and possible- residing in that magic land where the Inside meets the Out, the Personal- the Universal, the One, the Many:
the Unifying Art. Beauty through sharing, “incorporation”. Breathe into yourself (you are there already: in the Here, Now). It’s just like your shadow- when it disappears into you at noon, you may not be able to see it but you know it’s there.Incubating something new ;-p See for specs as I’m lazy…at 5.40 AM awaiting the Dawn…to shoot some of the recent skins xoxox

Available Work, David Rosen


Pure Automatism- pure transparent process: Painting without a net. Love without fear, beauty, uninterruptus.

If you would like to inquire regarding availability of these pieces, please read David’s note.



“Hotel Chemo”, 2008, collection of Dr. Passe Janne (Dana Farber Cancer Institute).

Hotel Chemo


a rough draft

So, as the radiation irradiated and the chemo poisoned I decided that I would make a book, a record of a process that was indistinguishable from the truth because it was still happening and so, remained a mystery. Everything. I didn’t Google it (I would have found out that only 5 % of those with what i had, reached five years- and THAT would surely not have helped to know).  I made no attempt to understand “it” or look at what the “realistic” odds were. Instead, I set out to tell a story. Quickly, before I could understand it fully, before my “editor” took out his knife. To find a truth beyond the clouding of fear that had driven me to so many bad choices. To create myself out of the corner I’d inadvertently (?) painted myself into. Story-telling as therapy. A way to fight back.

Quickly, in case i died before i could finish the telling. Before i got told, as opposed to “t’old” which lately – i wouldn’t mind so muchly.

So, I began drawing, painting, shooting…, fearlessly recording what I did not understand. And It is this utter confusion coupled with the tenacity of one trying to save himself that propelled me forward to find myself lost in the forest of my own forgetting. It would be there that I might find myself and also a map so that I might escape from the confines of a paradigm that had not only stopped working but was threatening  my life. There was no going back. I had nothing to lose.

It has now been five plus years since I was diagnosed and not only am I still here, but the clouds of confusion have lifted, leaving me with a clarity of vision and an inner peace I have often dreamed of but never known. I believe now, that Cancer saved my life.



i am left with a PILE of data in many forms over various formats :-/

a veritable pit – a black hole that stretches up through the sky, a mountainous cloud to climb, naked – with only a wire-cutter and a map written in something i don’t understand… just feel. A Legend beyond Time.

I shall attempt to collect these scraps and offer them up gently without the editor in me rearranging the truth with an axe and leaving his greasy fingerprints on everything and everyone he touches. Bringing unnecessary noise into the world. Noise is precisely what had been killing me. That and a good dose of cowardice (avoiding my own gaze).

to be contd. (no, really!)


JUNGLE OF SECRET-detail2a-poster

Grace is comfort without the lies.